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7 common sweater knitting mistakes

Knitting garments take time and money so wouldn’t it be great if the garment would look and feel fabulous on you. Below I have listed 7 most common reasons why knitters end up being unhappy with their sweater project and how to avoid these mistakes.

An easy way to remember the Kitchener stitch 6

An easy way to remember the Kitchener stitch

With the help of these 4 very simple rules you’ll easily remember the steps for the Kitchener stitch. In addition to stockinette, these rules apply for any knit and purl stitch combination such as...

Tuiki tuiki colorwork socks with a french flap and gusset heel 0

Tuiki tuiki socks

These socks are knitted cuff down and they come with a simple colorwork section and french heel. Unisex design with sizes for both men and women.


No swatch, any stitch count, any yarn mittens. Part 1: Planning

In this article I explain how to measure your hand (or how to estimate the measurements based on age or gender) and then decide what size mittens you should make. I also provide help with yarn and needle size selection. If you are a seasoned knitter you can skip this article and go directly to selecting the top pattern.

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