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wedge toe for cuff-down socks 0

Wedge toe for cuff down socks

Wedge toe is probably one of the most commonly used toe shapes I’ve seen on sock patterns. It is very easy to remember and the math is not too complex either. Based on your...

Afterthoughtheel pattern for any yarn and gauge 0

Afterthought heel

The afterthought heel is the ideal for colorwork socks or socks knitted with self-striping yarn. It can be used also for the perfectly symmetric contrasting color heel. It is made exactly the same way regardless if you start your sock from toe or cuff.

Stripes'n'Flowers sock pattern 2

German short row heel

Short row heel is the one used in most commercial socks. It is symmetrical and you make it exactly the same way regardless if you knit your sock from the toe up or cuff down.