Toe-up sock with rounded toe and gusset heel. 4

Rounded toe pattern for toe up socks

With this pattern you can make rounded toe for a toe-up sock for almost any yarn and gauge. Just enter the total amount of stitches you wish to have for your sock and you’ll get the instructions for the increases.

Stripes'n'Flowers sock pattern 0

Stripes’n’flowers sock pattern

The design is inspired by the Finnish fashion brand Marimekko. The pattern is available on my Ravelry store. This pair of socks is knitted cuff down and the pattern comes with german short row...

Stripes'n'Flowers sock pattern 2

German short row heel

Short row heel is the one used in most commercial socks. It is symmetrical and you make it exactly the same way regardless if you knit your sock from the toe up or cuff down.

Zweig sweater by Caitlin Hunter 0

Fixing the neckline of my Zweig sweater

This is a story of how you can fix a big mistake in the beginning of a top down sweater without having to rip back the whole body. I casted on Zweig sweater last...

Quiet start cardigan by Joji Locatelli 0

Quiet stars cardigan by Joji Locatelli

This year I wanted to learn how to knit a jumper or cardigan seamlessly top down. After browsing Ravelry a while I found Quiet stars cardigan by Joji Locatelli which matched my criteria of...

A trivet made of crocheted bottle caps 0

A trivet made of crocheted bottle caps

A trivet made of crocheted bottle caps I bet many of you have seen this kind of trivets at your grandparents home. They are quite quick and easy to crochet. So if you have...