Knitted chunky beanie with a pompom. 0

Paksu chunky beanie pattern

Paksu is the Finnish word for chunky. This is a beginner friendly and quick knit and also one of my favorite everyday knits. Yarn I have used Hygge wool which is airy and a...


Foot size chart for sock knitting

These measurements are the average foot circumference measures gathered from different sources (e.g. knitting books & websites). You can use the measurement as a basis when you are grading your sock design or when...


How much yarn do you need for a pair of socks

If you knit some specific pattern there is usually specified how many yards (meters) or skeins you need for each size and you should buy yarn according to that number. However, if you are...

Star toe for toe-up sock 2

Star toe pattern for toe-up socks

Star toe is formed by working the increases evenly around the sock in four sections. First the increases are made every round and after a few rounds every other round. The pattern is written...

Colorwork socks with a rose motif and strong heel 0

Ruusu socks pattern

This pretty pair of socks is knitted toe up. It has a cable detail on the heel and a colorwork rose on both sides of the cuff.

Sock knitting FAQ 0

Sock knitting FAQ

How much yarn do I need to make a pair of socks? What is a good gauge for sock knitting? What size needles should I knit my socks with?