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About Knitgrammer

I’m Ida a 30 something engineer living in Lapland, Finland and I’ve been knitting for more than 20 years. I love knitting and programming, hence the nickname Knitgrammer. In my blog you will find tools (knitting calculators and interactive patterns) which will save you some trouble and do the knitting math for you.

My design philosophy is to make simple, useful, and beautiful things. If I make something I (or my kids or husband) don’t enjoy wearing I won’t publish the pattern.

I have two baby daughters who usually won’t let me concentrate on demanding stitch patterns too often. That’s why I have small colorwork sections or cable details but mostly my designs are just plain stockinette. The details I make when my kids are sleeping and during the days I work as much stockinette as I can.

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If you would like to feature my patterns on your blog feel free to use an image or two of my finished objects as long as they’re credited and accompanied by a link back to this site. Read more detailed copyright text here.

Contact me

  • Do you have a suggestion of a new knitting calculator or interactive knitting pattern?
  • Do you need help with understanding something that’s on my patterns?
  • Would you like to collaborate?

Email me: knitgrammer(at)

Knit Socks that last

I’ll send you my top 5 tips of how to make a durable pair of socks.