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How much yarn do you need for a pair of socks

If you knit some specific pattern there is usually specified how many yards (meters) or skeins you need for each size and you should buy yarn according to that number. However, if you are...


Star toe pattern for toe-up socks

Star toe is formed by working the increases evenly around the sock in four sections. First the increases are made every round and after a few rounds every other round. The pattern is written...

Sock knitting FAQ 0

Sock knitting FAQ

How much yarn do I need to make a pair of socks? What is a good gauge for sock knitting? What size needles should I knit my socks with?

Arwetta sock pattern 0

Sock patterns for Filcolana Arwetta

Arwetta is my go to sock yarn when I’m knitting my everyday socks. Socks made with Arwetta can easily be worn in sneakers and they feel very soft next to the skin. Because Arwetta...

wedge toe for cuff-down socks 2

When to start toe decreases

The answer to this question heavily depends on how many stitches you have on your sock and what is the toe shape you are aiming for as well as the yarn and needles you...

Handmade sock with rose motif 0

When to start heel on toe-up socks

When someone starts to knit their first pair of toe-up socks the most commonly asked question is when to start making the heel or gusset increases. Well, the answer heavily depends on the type...

Zweig sweater by Caitlin Hunter 0

Fixing the neckline of my Zweig sweater

This is a story of how you can fix a big mistake in the beginning of a top down sweater without having to rip back the whole body. I casted on Zweig sweater last...

Quiet start cardigan by Joji Locatelli 0

Quiet stars cardigan by Joji Locatelli

This year I wanted to learn how to knit a jumper or cardigan seamlessly top down. After browsing Ravelry a while I found Quiet stars cardigan by Joji Locatelli which matched my criteria of...