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Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Here you can find a free sock pattern for almost every need.

1. Easy Striped Socks Pattern for Beginners

For this pattern, I have selected, in my opinion, the easiest and most beginner-friendly sock knitting techniques.

To make it even easier I’ve added a lot of helpful images to the pattern page.

The pattern is available for free here.

Knit striped sock with afterthought heel.

2. Universal Basic Sock Pattern

This is a universal sock pattern that you can use to knit perfectly fitting vanilla socks of any size and with almost any yarn. No swatching is required! 

The pattern is available for free here.

Reinforced flap and gusset heel pattern for toe-up socks

3. Ruusu Socks

This design comes with a unsual heel construction that has beautiful cable detail. To make the socks even prettier I’ve added a colorwork rose to the cuff.

This pair of socks is knitted toe up.

The pattern is available for free here.

Colorwork socks with a rose motif and strong heel

4. Lumi colorwork slippers

These warm Scandinavian-style colorwork slippers are worked from toe-up in the round so you don’t have to make a separate swatch.

The pattern is available for free here.

5. Basic Ankle Socks

This is my favorite recipe for simple knitted summer socks that I love to wear with sneakers. I have written the pattern for fingering weight yarn but it can easily be adapted to different yarn weights.

This pattern is suitable for self-striping yarn because the heel construction does not break the striping pattern.

The pattern is available for free here.

Knit ankle socks. Knitted with Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti in Colorway Dragon Fruit.

6. Antti Socks

These socks look like something my grandmother could have made for the men in our family. The inspiration for the colorwork motif comes from the traditional Finnish sweater pattern Jussi-paita.

The pattern is available for free here.

DK weight mens colorwork socks toe-up knitting pattern.

7. Stripes’n’Flowers

This design is inspired by the Finnish fashion brand Marimekko. These socks are knitted cuff down and the pattern comes with a german short row heel. 

The Ladder-Back Jacquard technique is used in the colorwork section and the fabric is thus stretchier than stranded colorwork would produce.

The pattern is available for free here.

8. Heart baby socks

This pair of baby socks is knitted toe up and the pattern comes with a gusset heel.

Double-knitted reversible cuff make these socks special.

The pattern is available for free here.

Toe-up baby socks knitting pattern with double-knitted cuff and hearts.

9. Tuiki Tuiki Ribbed Socks

These ribbed socks have a simple colorwork section that adds a little something to the design.  They are knitted cuff-down with light DK weight yarn.

The pattern is available for free here.

Tuiki tuiki colorwork socks with a french flap and gusset heel

10. Basic Chunky Slippers

This pair of chunky slipper socks is knitted toe-up in one piece.

These are my favorite home socks. They are super cozy and warm.

The pattern is available for free here.

11. Polaris Christmas Sctocking

This one is not meant to be worn but either way it is a sock.

The star pattern is made with twisted stitches.

The pattern is available for free here.

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