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Sock Knitting

Colorwork socks with flowers knitted with Filcolana Arwetta.

Afterthought Heel Pattern

The afterthought heel is the ideal for colorwork socks or socks knitted with self-striping yarn. It can be used also for the perfectly symmetric contrasting color heel. It is made exactly the same way regardless if you start your sock from toe or cuff.

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Toe-up sock with rounded toe and gusset heel.

Round Toe Pattern for Toe-Up Socks

With this pattern you can make rounded toe for a toe-up sock for almost any yarn and gauge. Just enter the total amount of stitches you wish to have for your sock and you’ll get the instructions for the increases.

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Knit Socks that last

I’ll send you my top 5 tips of how to make a durable pair of socks.