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Sock Knitting

Knit striped sock with afterthought heel.

How to knit socks step-by-step

There are many ways to knit socks: You can knit them cuff-down or toe-up, with 2, 4 or 5 needles and there are also different ways of making the heel and shaping the toe. For this tutorial, I have selected, in my opinion, the easiest and most beginner-friendly sock knitting techniques.

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Decrease evenly calculator

How Many Stitches to Cast on for a Sock

To be able to determine how many stitches you need to cast on for your sock you need to first know your gauge and the desired circumference of your sock. In this article I’ll explain how to figure out those numbers and how to use them to calculate your stitch count.

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Knit Socks that last

I’ll send you my top 5 tips of how to make a durable pair of socks.