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Turkish Cast-On: The Easiest Way to Cast on Toe-Up Socks

The easiest way to cast on for toe-up socks is the Turkish also known as the eastern cast-on method. The other methods such as the Judy’s magic cast on or Figure 8 cast on produce the same result but in my opinion, they are harder to learn and remember. You can use this cast-on method also for top-down mittens and hats.

This method works for both circular needles and double-pointed needles. I have to admit though that with double-pointed needles it is a bit trickier.

Video tutorial

Step-by-step image tutorial

1. Wrap the yarn around both of the needles

Hold your needles parallel with the tips facing your left hand. Take the working yarn and wrap it around both of your needles half the number of times as you need to cast on stitches (each loop counts as two stitches). For instance, if I want to cast on 12 stitches I will wrap the yarn around my needles 6 times.

1. Wrap the yarn around both of the needles

2. Turn your work and knit the wraps on one needle

Next turn your work so that the needle tips are facing your right hand. Hold the tension so that the loops won’t slip off your needles. If you are using the magic loop method pull the lower needle so that you can use it to knit the loops on the top needle. If you are using double pointed needles take third needle and work the stitches on the top needle with it. Don’t knit too tightly because then it will be much harder to work the stitches on the lower needle.

2. Turn your work and knit the wraps on one needle

3. Turn your work and knit the wraps on the second needle

Finally, turn your work once more and work the stitches. You are now ready, to begin the increases and shape the toe.

3. Turn your work and knit the wraps on the second needle

8 Responses

  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I have avoided toe up my whole life as I can’t stand the cast on. This is so simple!

  2. this is so much easier than Judy’s magic cast on as explained by other posts. I can never retain how to cast on the first stitches! And then pullout the lower needle. I want to do this on a circular needle.

  3. Very clear and easy. I have been trying to do Judy’s magic cast on and always get mixed up on which way to wrap—to get the x on the back.Also whether to use circular needles or double point_haven’t done socks for a long time.

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