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Best Summer Sock Yarns

When the weather is getting warmer I see more and more people asking what is a good yarn for summer socks. It comes as a surprise to many that wool and nylon blend yarns are an excellent choice for summer socks as well. During the summer I use socks that are made of fingering weight yarn and during the winter I might wear thicker socks as well. 

This pair of socks is knitted with Regia Tutti Frutti and you can find a free pattern for these basic ankle socks here.

Wool is great for summer socks

I prefer making my summer socks with wool and nylon blend yarn for four reasons: 

  • Wool absorbs moisture away from the skin and is insulating but also breathes which makes it a perfect material to keep your feet warm during the winter but also dry and cool during the summer.  
  • Wool is also elastic so your socks will adapt well to the shape of your foot and after stretching it will always go back to its original shape. 
  • Wool alone, however, wears out quite quickly so that’s why I like to use yarns that have nylon reinforcement.
  • Wool is naturally dirt resistant and it does not require wash as often as other fibers.

If you are not convinced that wool socks are good in your climate during the summer checkout the other options below.

Cotton and bamboo blend yarns

Wool and bamboo blend sock yarns

Previously I have tried yarn that had merino wool, bamboo and nylon in it and those socks indeed felt wonderfully soft and cool next to my skin. It was also quite pleasant to knit the yarn. Unfortunately, they wore out quite quickly. One drawback with this kind of yarn is also that it does not hold its shape, as well as wool and nylon blend yarns and the sock, became quickly a bit sloppy. Might be that if the wool would have been something less soft the yarn would have been more durable.

Cotton sock yarns

Cotton alone is not very stretchy so if you are going to make socks with 100% cotton yarn  you need to buy some elastic and add it to the cuff or otherwise your socks won’t stay up. Cotton socks also hold more moisture next to your skin than wool and they need to be washed more often.

However, if you blend the cotton with some polyester the yarn becomes more elastic. For instance, Regia has some cotton polyester blend sock yarn such as the Tutti Frutti and it is actually surprisingly pleasant to knit and I absolutely love those self striping colors!

Best Summer Socks Yarn

If you for some reason cannot or don’t want to use wool checkout my recommendations below.

Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti

Delicious fruity colors! This multi-colored sock yarn is bursting with its own kind of flavor.

The yarn is bouncy and pleasant to knit.

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 72% Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 10% Polyester
  • Care: Machine wash

© LoveCrafts

HiKoo CoBaSi

This clever yarn has been specially created for socks though you can use it for lots of projects. The coolness of the cotton and bamboo fibers blends perfectly with the softness of the silk.

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 55% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk
  • Care: Machine wash

© LoveCrafts

KnitPicks Stroll

A super-soft, affordable, washable treat for your feet. The rich solid colors of this high-grade Merino wool and nylon blend show off texture, lace, and cables without distraction.

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 75% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
  • Care: Machine wash

© KnitPicks

Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop Sock

Stretchy, vibrant, and colorful, self-patterning Bamboo Pop Sock is great for cheerful socks.

Comes in a vibrant range of color schemes.

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 55% Bamboo, 37% Cotton, 8% PBT
  • Care: Machine wash

© LoveCrafts

King Cole Summer 4Ply

This is a beautiful Bamboo and Cotton blend in 4ply ideal for sock knitting but also more than suitable for garments and accessories. 

Comes in a vibrant range of color schemes.

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Fiber Content: 55% Bamboo, 37% Cotton, 8% PBT
  • Care: Machine wash
© LoveCrafts

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