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I have decided to provide all my content and knitting patterns for free. This means that my income comes from advertisements.

This webiste contains affiliate links meaning that if you buy something after clicking them I may earn a small commission. This does not result in any additional costs to you and the money I get from the yarn sales enables me to use my time to create free content for you. If you decide to purchase I’m really grateful for your support!

Websites to Find Free Knitting Patterns

Are you looking for a pattern or inspiration for your next knitting project? I have listed below my favorite websites that contain lots of free knitting patterns.

1. KnitPicks

KnitPicks is a US-based yarn company that sells high-quality yarn at affordable prices. They work with indie designers and they have hundreds of free knitting patterns available on their website.


2. Hobbii is the one-stop shop for yarn lovers around the world! They have their own design team and more than 500 free knitting patterns available on their website.


3. Ravelry

Ravelry is a website with a lot of patterns and a wonderful knitting community. You can find there both free and paid patterns by indie designers.

To use the website you need to sign up but it is completely free.


4. Lovecrafts

Lovecrafts is a website where you can find at the time of writing this article more than 12 000 free knitting patterns.

I like them because there is an extensive selection of different yarn brands from affordable to more luxurious ones (cheapest acrylic to cashmere fade sets). 


5. Novita Knits

Novita is a Finnish yarn company and on their website, you can find hundreds of free nordic style knitting patterns.

Novita yarns are quite affordable as well as durable and they are widely available here in Finland. That’s why I like to use them when I design.


6. DROPS Design

Another place to find nordic style knitting patterns is the website of DROPS Design. They have probably one of the most extensive collections of free knitting patterns. Their patterns are translated into 17 languages.


7. Lion brand yarn

On the LionBrand website you can find more than 3 000 free knitting patterns and of course, you can buy there the yarn and other supplies after you have found your perfect pattern. They have categorized their yarns so that it’s very easy to substitute a yarn featured on a pattern for another.


8. Tin Can Knits

One of my favorite knitting blogs is the Tin Can Knits. They have many beautiful basic patterns available for free. Their patterns have a huge size range and you can knit the same cardigan for yourself and your kids.


9. Knitgrammer

Before you go you might want to check out also this website Here you can find interactive gauge-free patterns such as the No swatch, any stitch count, any yarn sock pattern and mittens pattern as well as knitting calculators like “When to start heel on toe-up socks” or “How to increase evenly”. Here’s also plenty of other useful content for knitters such as patterns and how-to articles.

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