NO swatch, ANY stitch count, ANY yarn mittens

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This is an interactive pattern that helps you make a perfectly fitting pair of mittens of any size with any yarn without swatching and it doesn’t require you to do any math either. I hope it inspires you try some new yarns and make warm gifts for the important people in your life!

It’s possible because I’ve made a collection of interactive patterns that will do the math for you. The pattern is written for the magic loop method (the mitten is knitted with a long circular needle) but you can easily adjust it for the double pointed needles as well.

The mittens you knit with this pattern are worked top-down. You can select from 3 different top and thumb patterns and mix and match them as you like.

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Contents of the pattern

1. Planning THE PATTERN BEGINS HERE (CLICK): In the planning article I explain how to measure your hand (or how to estimate the measurements based on age and gender) and then decide what size mittens you should make. I also provide help with yarn and needle size selection. If you are a seasoned knitter you can skip this article and go directly to selecting the top pattern.

2. Casting on & making the top: Select one of the three top patterns provided and cast on your mittens.

3. Making the thumb and hand: Select one of the three thumb patterns (peasant thumb or thumb with a basic or arched gusset) and make the hand. All of the thumb patterns are interactive and they make the math for you.

4. Cuff, bind-off and finishing: How to make the cuff and bind-off your mitts so that the bind-off edge won’t end up being too tight or loose. I give also a a few tips how to do the finishing so that your pair of mittens looks and feels nice.

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Where to find help?

The easiest way to reach me is to drop a comment below or join my Ravelry group. You can also send me an email or a message in Ravelry or on Instagram.

However, I’m not online all the time so I recommend you to join Ravelry and go to their Techniques board. There’s almost always some kind fellow crafter to help you. There’s also great groups on Facebook where you can ask for help such as the Knitting group.

8 thoughts on “NO swatch, ANY stitch count, ANY yarn mittens”

  1. Tried to add this to my Ravelry account, it didn’t work. I didn’t easily find the actual pattern and gave up after 15 minutes of confused and frustrating searching. Gave up completely after realizing I would have to compile a “pattern” from your several pages of instructions. I guess I have too many other patterns that lay out instructions easily to add this so-called pattern to my list. Thankfully, your link to add to my Ravelry account did not work.

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the format of my pattern. If you prefer pdf-patterns check out the world’s simplest mittens pattern by Tincan knits. It’s a basic mittens pattern that is written for several yarn weights.
      Happy knitting,

  2. I was unable to find the actual pattern. I found tips that are helpful general knitting tips, but the pattern is elusive. Maybe a more direct pattern link so this isn’t wasting the users time.

    1. Hi Kathie. The pattern is in a form of series of blog posts and the actual patterns are written for the tops and the thumbs. For instance, if you would like to make round top and thumb with arched gusset the patterns the top pattern is here and the thumb pattern here. In between those patterns the articles (parts 1 to 4 of the pattern) explain what to do before, between and after making the top and thumb.

  3. Maybe it’s a puzzle because you think like an engineer and most people don’t. I appreciate your pointing to another designer who did the easy for all kinds of yarns. Thank you.

  4. To call this a “pattern” is way beyond a reach, it is a tutorial on how to create your own pattern with no actual pattern in sight. Very misleading and disappointing.

  5. I live with an engineer. They do indeed think a bit differently and understand spatial concepts so much better than most. Perhaps this should be called a “recipe” as opposed to pattern. I have read a number of sock “patterns” that are recipes (i.e. Winwick Mom) I frankly love them as they help me understand construction so I can fix errors and fudge as needed. More than that. they let me learn and use the design process.
    Thank you for your work!

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