Sock knitting FAQ

How do I know what is the weight of my sock yarn?

Here you can find instructions to determine you yarn weight.

What size needles should I knit my socks with?

From the table below you can check the typical needle sizes that are used to knit socks. However, these sizes are only recommendations and you should change your needle size to obtain correct gauge. Scroll down to see the recommended gauges for sock knitting. If you are a loose knitter you should select a smaller needle size than if you are a tight knitter.

For instance I’m quite a loose knitter so I knit my fingering weight socks with US 0 (2mm) needles and gauge 32 sts / 4” (10cm), DK weight socks with US 1.5 (2.5mm) and gauge 28 sts / 4” (10cm) and Aran weight socks with US 2.5 (3mm) and gauge 21 sts / 4” (10cm).

Yarn weightUSmm

What is a good gauge for sock knitting?

If you want to make a lasting sock your fabric needs to be dense enough. The gauge is however a matter of taste and you may also knit with looser gauge if you prefer softer fabric over more long lasting sock. A good rule of thumb is that the fabric should not be see-through.

Below you can find the most common gauges socks are knit with. The more there are stitches / 4” or 10cm the more durable the sock will be.

I knit my socks with gauges 32 sts (Fingering), 28 sts (DK) and sts 21 (Aran) / 4” (10cm).

Yarn weightStitches / 4” (10cm)

How much yarn do I need to make a pair of socks?

Read the article about How much yarn do I need to make a pair of socks here.

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