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Two-Color Cast-on Method for Double Knitting

If you are familiar with the long-tail cast-on method you’ll find this two-color cast-on method easy to use. This is an ideal cast-on method for double knitting projects but you can also use it also if you simply want to make the edge of your project a little bit prettier.

I used this method for instance on my double knitted baby mittens pattern. On my blog, you can also find a tutorial for the two-color bind-off method.

Step 1: Setup

First, make a slipknot with color one (turquoise) just as if you would make it when you are about to do a long-tail cast-on with one color.

Then with color two (orange) make a slipknot right after the first one.

Two color cast on method setup with two slip knots

Step 2: Pull both strands of color one between the strands of color two

Step 3: Make a stitch with color one as if you would do when using long-tail cast on with one color.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 with color two

Pull both strands of color two between the strands of color one and make a stitch with color two.

Repeat until you have the desired amount of stitches.

Alternating two color cast on method

5 Responses

  1. I have a pattern that states for a final cast on stitch, “then using both colors, cast on one st.”
    Can you explain this?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Maureen!

      For me to be able to answer the question I would have to see more of the pattern. Who is the designer maybe you could contact him/her?

  2. Hello, can anyone help, please? I have a pattern for a double sided headband. The pattern tells me to cast on in the provisional method (which I know how to do) then tells me start knitting in the double knit method…. I just can’t seem to marry the two …How do I start double knitting on a set of provisional stitches?

  3. Hello. Thank you so much for introducing a unique and pretty cast-on method for double knitting. I would love to use this cast-on to make a double-knitting throw blanket (my next project). I have a question: when I start a first row, is there anything special that I will need to do? Or a “regular” way will be good enough? Thank you.

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