Star toe pattern for toe-up socks

Star toe is formed by working the increases evenly around the sock in four sections. First the increases are made every round and after a few rounds every other round. The pattern is written for the magic loop method (socks are knitted with a long circular needle) but you can easily adjust it for the double pointed needles as well.

This pattern is part of my no swatch, any stitch count, any yarn sock pattern.

Star toe is a great choice especially if you don’t know what is your desired stitch count going to be so you can just keep on increasing until you reach your desired width.

How do you know it’s the correct size? Measure across the width of the toe or if you are knitting the sock for yourself just try the sock on. For a stockinette sock you want the sock to have about 10% of negative ease so stop increasing when it’s a little tight and it will be correct. You get 10% of negative ease for the sock if you multiply your foot circumference with 0.9. So for instance if your foot circumference is 9’’ then the circumference of your sock should be 0.9*9’’=8.1’’.


CO 8 sts, four (4) sts / needle. You can use for instance Turkish cast on method or Judy’s magic cast on.

Knit 2 rounds.

Increase round 1: *(yo, k2) repeat from * to beginning of round.

A total of 12 sts.

Increase round 2:  *(yo, k1tbl, k2) repeat from * to beginning of round.

A total of 16 sts.

Increase round 3: *(yo, k1tbl, k3) repeat from * to beginning of round.

A total of 20 sts.

Increase round 4: *(yo, k1tbl, k4) repeat from * to beginning of round.

A total of 24 sts.

Knit one round.

Now continue in similar manner and increase 4 stitches evenly every other round until you reach your desired width. If you are knitting with the double pointed needles increase at the beginning of each needle. If you are knitting with a long circular needle increase one at the beginning of a needle and then knit half of stitches remaining on that needle and make another increase. Repeat the increases on needle 2 as well.

You can also use the increase evenly calculator to do the math for you.

In the table below are listed the typical stitch counts for adult socks. Number of stitches depends on your foot size and knitting gauge so your stitch count may be outside the range but the table should give you a rough idea.

Yarn weightStitches for womens sockStitches for mens socks


k = Knit

k tbl = knit through the back loop

yo = Yarn over

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