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Lumi colorwork mittens

(2 customer reviews)

Lumi colorwork mittens

(2 customer reviews)

Traditional Scandinavian colorwork motif with modern construction.

  • The stranded knitting technique is used
  • Knitted with DK weight wool yarn.
  • These mittens are worked from top-down in the round so you don’t have to make a separate swatch.
  • This design comes with an arched gusset so the mittens fit like a glove.
  • This pattern is written for the magic loop method (it is assumed that the stitches are divided evenly over two needles) but you can easily adjust it for the double pointed needles as well.


The pattern is available for free below. Ad-free pdf-version is available on my Etsy shop.



One size with a circumference of approximately 7.7″ (19 cm) (without gusset). Fits a medium woman’s hand. You can adjust the size of the mitten with needle size or yarn weight. For bigger mittens take bigger needles and/or thicker yarn and vice versa.

The mitten comes with a gusset so they can be close-fitting.

Gauge, Notions, Needles


26 sts & 30 rows per 4″ (10 cm) in stranded colorwork after blocking


Scrap yarn, tapestry needle, stitch marker, crochet hook for the provisional cast-on

Recommended Needles

US6 30″ (4mm 80cm) circular needle and for the ribbing US4 30″ (3.5mm 80cm) circular needle.

Adjust needle size to obtain the correct gauge.


recommended yarn

The sample is knitted with DK weight non-superwash wool Novita Suomivilla (100g = 248 yds / 226 m).

MC: Crevasse (811)
CC: Off White (10)

You can replace it with any DK weight wool yarn. I recommend rough non-superwash yarn. Good options are for instance:

Good options for instance Rowan Felted Tweed DK, West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft DK or Rowan Norwegian Wool.


1 skein of Novita Suomivilla of both colors or approximately 248 yds (226 m) of MC and 150 yds (136 m) of CC.

Please note that the yardage may vary if your gauge differs.


There are separate charts for the left and right hand. The difference between them is in the placement of the thumb gusset.


Knitting abbreviations used in this pattern you can find here.


With bigger needles and CC CO 10 sts (5 sts per needle). Sample uses Turkish cast-on method. Work the first row of colorwork Chart A beginning from lower right corner. If your MC is darker than CC you might find it easier to read the second version of the chart with reversed colors (only available on the pdf-pattern).

You can find the charts below.


Increases begin on round 2 and they are marked on the chart. Written instructions below:

  • Needle 1: Work 1 st according to Chart A, m1r, work according to Chart A to 1 st before end, m1l, work 1 st according to Chart A
  • Needle 2: Work the same way as Needle 1

The increases are repeated every round a total of 10 times. You should have now a total of 50 sts. Remember to check the size of your mitten. Continue working according to the colorwork Chart A until you have worked row 34.

Thumb gusset

How to cast-on the thumb stitches

For the provisional cast-on method you need a piece of scrap yarn and a crochet hook. When you start to work the thumb you’ll unravel the scrap yarn and have live stitches. The beginning of the thumb will be seamless. See a video tutorial here.

Right hand

Round 35: Work Needle 1 and Needle 2 according to Chart A, pm, CO 18 sts (provisional cast-on method with scrap yarn), place the cast-on sts to the left needle and work over them according to Chart A (row 35, sts 51-68).  

You can place a lifeline for the gusset sts at this point. It makes it easier to unravel the cast-on later.

Now you can divide the cast-on sts evenly onto the two needles in order to make it easier to work them.

A total of 68 sts.

The decreases are marked on the chart as well. Written instructions below:

Decrease round: Work according to Chart A to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, sm, work according to chart to end.

Repeat decrease round 17 more times. A total of 50 sts.

You can remove the gusset marker and proceed to make the cuff.

Thumb gusset left hand

Round 35: Work Needle 1 according to Chart A, CO 18 sts (provisional cast-on method with scrap yarn), place the casted-on sts to left needle and work over them according to Chart A (row 35, sts 26-43), pm, work according to Chart A to end. 

The decreases are marked on the chart as well. Written instructions below:

Decreases: Work according to Chart A to marker, sm, ssk, work according to chart to end

Repeat decrease round 17 more times. A total of 50 sts.

You can remove the gusset marker and proceed to make the cuff.

Cuff (both hands)

Work rounds 54-56 according to Chart A.

Break CC. With MC k one round. With smaller needles work  2″ [5 cm] of ribbing *(k1, p1) repeat from * to BOR. BO using the tubular bind-off method.


Undo the provisional cast on, placing the 18 Stitches onto two needles.

With bigger needles work row 2 of colorwork Chart B. From the body of the mittens pick up and knit 2 sts (sts 19 & 20 on the chart).

A total of 20 sts.

Join for knitting in the round. Work the thumb according to Chart B. Decreases begin on round 14. Repeat decreases every round until 8 sts remain. Break the yarns. Thread through a tapestry needle and draw through the remaining stitches. Pull tight, through to the wrong side, and weave in ends.


Weave in ends and block your mittens.

Share your finished object!

I would be happy to see your version! You can share it with me on Instagram by tagging me @knitgrammer or leaving a review with an image below.

2 reviews for Lumi colorwork mittens

    January 19, 2023
    Great clear instruction and I'm happy that I could learn how to make mitten shape 😊 I like your "knittingrammer" title. I am a knittingrammer in Germany originally from Tokyo Japan. Knitting + programming 🙌
    Lumi colorwork mittens photo review
    August 25, 2022
    These knit up so wonderfully! I plan to make a second pair. Excellent pattern.
    Reply from knitgrammer:
    Thank you so much for sharing. Your work looks amazing!
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