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Sock patterns for Filcolana Arwetta

Arwetta is my go to sock yarn when I’m knitting my everyday socks. Socks made with Arwetta can easily be worn in sneakers and they feel very soft next to the skin. Because Arwetta is merino wool I recommend that you knit it with quite a tight gauge in order to avoid pilling and wearing out. I usually knit my socks with 2mm needles (US 0) and with those needles I usually get gauge 32-34 sts / 10cm (4”). For a pair of adult socks you’ll need two skeins (100g) of yarn.

My two patterns featuring Arwetta are the Stripes’n’Flowers and the Harebell socks. If you prefer vanilla socks checkout the stitch count for your size from the table below and use my Knitgrammed patterns for either cuff-down socks or toe-up socks.

Gauge: 32sts / 10cm (4”)

Needles: 2mm (US 0). Adjust needle size to obtain the correct gauge.

Shoe size (EU)Stitches

4 Responses

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for this tab for Arwetta classic! I’m planning to knit a pair of socks for my dad, but there is no possibility to get precise sizes. I know just a size of his shoes – 43. Hope 68 stitches will be enough. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Ida I’m a new sock knitter, and been looking for a nice striped sock pattern to use up some gorgeous yarn that I have. I’ve been seeing these beautiful striped bright green and almost navy blue striped socks all over the internet, and they all direct to your website, but I can’t see the actual pattern anywhere, not even in your published patterns. Is this pattern not available to us? 😢 I absolutely love it 😍, and would love to get hold of the pattern if I can please. Thank you in advance.

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