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Wedge Toe Pattern for Toe-Up Socks

Wedge toe is a great choice especially if you don’t know what is your desired stitch count going to be so you can just keep on increasing until you reach your desired width.

The increases are worked every other round on both sides creating a knit stitch band on each side. This type of toe shaping fits well if all of your toes are almost the same length. If you prefer a rounder shape you can make the star toe.

Cast on stitches based on the thickness of your yarn. If you don’t know what is your yarn weight check from the table you can find here. You can use for instance Turkish cast on method or Judy’s magic cast on.

Cast on stitches:

Yarn weightChildrenWomenMen
Fingering16 (8 sts / needle)20 sts (10 sts / needle)24 sts (12 sts / needle)
Sport16 (8 sts / needle)20 sts (10 sts / needle)24 sts (12 sts / needle)
DK12 (6 sts / needle)16 (8 sts / needle)20 sts (10 sts / needle)
Worsted12 (6 sts / needle)16 (8 sts / needle)20 sts (10 sts / needle)

Divide the stitches evenly on two needles. Knit one round.


Needle 1: k1, k1fb, k to 2 sts from end, k1fb, k1.

Needle 2: Work the same way as Needle 1.


k all

Repeat rounds 1&2 until you reach the desired sock circumference.

How do you know it’s the correct size? Measure across the width of the toe or if you are knitting the sock for yourself just try the sock on. For a stockinette sock you want the sock to have about 10% of negative ease so stop increasing when it’s a little tight and it will be correct. You get 10% of negative ease for the sock if you multiply your foot circumference with 0.9. So for instance if your foot circumference is 9’’ then the circumference of your sock should be 0.9*9’’=8.1’’.

In the table below are listed the typical stitch counts for adult socks. Number of stitches depends on your foot size and knitting gauge so your stitch count may be outside the range but the table should give you a rough idea.

Yarn weightStitches for womens sockStitches for mens socks


k = knit

k1fb = Knit one front and back (1 stitch increased).

st/sts = stitch / stitches

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